The Comic

Point B is a webcomic that in it’s current incarnation, started on 31st of December 2010. It follows the story of Keaton Quinn, an immigrant to a foreign city in a world that we do not inhabit yet feels strangely¬†familiar to us. He meets some interesting people and soon finds himself having to make heavy choices that affect not only himself, but others around him.

Some of the characters in Point B have been around since 2004, but the story didn’t actually come into fruition until 2006. I did previously work on a vastly undeveloped version of the comic from 2007-2009 but stopped due to a busy schedule and being unhappy with the story. This time around I intend to finish the comic in full.

The World

The world that out story is set in is called Verold, well at least in the Sudean tongue. Most world details do not need to be mentioned in order to understand the story, but I’m sure I’ll talk about them here and there.